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Basic Info
Gender Female
Occupation(s) Housewife, Actress (The Pageant)
Parents Mrs Walton (Mother)
Daddy (Father)
Sibling(s) Hyacinth (Sister)
Daisy (Sister)
Rose (Sister)
Spouse(s) Bruce (Husband)
Children Several un-named
Nieces and Nephews Stephanie (Niece)
Sheridan (Nephew)
Kylie (Great Niece)
Other Relatives Richard (Brother-in-law)
Onslow (Brother in Law)
First Appearance The Christening
Last Appearance The Pageant

Violet, née Walton is the sister of Hyacinth, Daisy and Rose. She is the one with the Mercedes, sauna, and room for a pony. She is also the sister about whom Hyacinth boasts.

She is portrayed by Anna Dawson.

Appearances []

Violet was initially a typically unseen character; as was her husband, Bruce.

In her minor appearances before Season 5, she is seen only in two episodes (The Christening, Problems with Relatives). Her voice is first heard in "Problems with Relatives", in which she is only seen from a distance standing on a ladder. That instance is one of two minor appearances she makes before Season 5.

Hyacinth sometimes talks with Violet on the telephone, but Violet's voice isn't heard in those instances.

Background []

Violet is very sensitive and constantly moaning. She and Bruce own a new Mercedes and a large house with a swimming pool, sauna and room for a pony. She also enjoys traveling. Her maiden name is Walton, as is Hyacinth's, Daisy's and Rose's although her married surname is never revealed.

In "A Riverside Picnic" Violet is seen in her Mercedes as well as outside having a picnic with her family.

In "Skis" Violet threatens to divorce Bruce, but Hyacinth insists she stays with him. When she takes Violet to see the vicar, Violet suddenly changes her mind and runs away from Hyacinth.

In "Problems with Relatives" a gate is briefly shown that has "The Paddocks" written on it.

In "The Pageant" Violet and Bruce are in a terrible argument. At the church hall, Violet keeps walking away from Bruce. Even after getting into costume, they continue to quarrel. In costume, they're seen by the vicar and his wife, who think they are rehearsing for the play. This thought is implied when the vicar refers to the dialogue being "strong" (as Violet and Bruce are saying rude things to each other).


Violet seems to have the life that Hyacinth wants, at least in terms of material things. Her relationship with her husband Bruce is strained. She often goes to Hyacinth to seek advice, but Hyacinth seems to have only her social status at mind. She wants to leave him while Hyacinth insists she does not. The main reason why Hyacinth approves of her marriage to Bruce is based on Hyacinth bragging about having such a wealthy sister. Unlike Hyacinth (and most of the characters on the programme) Violet prefers casual surroundings, and is not embarrassed by Daisy and Rose. In "A Riverside Picnic" she did not hesitate to invite Onslow, Daisy, Rose, or Daddy to Hyacinth's picnic, and because Bruce couldn't drive, Onslow drove. He also said he would drive her anytime, as long as he didn't have to wear a suit and a cap.

Throughout the series, we observe that she is mostly unhappy, given her marriage problems that seem to be so ongoing. Hyacinth however boasts of having such a wealthy sister, and delights everytime she phones as she can proudly announce "my sister Violet - the one with the swimming pool, sauna and room for a pony!".