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The Vicar's Wife
Basic Info
Gender Female
Portrayed by Marion Barron
Spouse(s) The Vicar
First Appearance The New Vicar
Last Appearance The Pageant

The Vicar's Wife is married to Michael, who is The Vicar of the parish Hyacinth and most other characters attend. Her name is never revealed (although the Vicar affectionately calls her 'dear' in a few episodes). She is a young, pleasant and attractive woman in her mid 30s. She was first introduced in Series 1 Episode 2 The New Vicar.

Personality and Traits[]

Like her husband and many other characters in the series, she dislikes Hyacinth and tries to avoid her. When Hyacinth is not around both she and her husband refer to her as 'The Bucket Woman'. Unlike her husband who like Emmett is frightened of Hyacinth, she does not seem to fear her.

Although she and Michael have a happy relationship, at times she seems uncertain that he will remain faithful to her. On a few occasions she catches her husband in devious looking, yet innocent situations with other women. These include the time he caught Rose after she felt of a ladder that Hyacinth had knocked over and had yet to put her down when seen by his wife. In the Series 5 episode 'A Barbecue at Violet's' she finds Michael in the cupboard under the church hall stage with Emmet and 3 young girls who were starring in Emmet's rehearsal of 'The Boyfriend'. Again she jumps to the wrong conclusion, when in truth they were all hiding from Hyacinth.


She is played by Scottish actress Marion Baron.

In the episode 'How To Go On Holiday Without Really Trying' at the Ladies Guild Church clea, she tricks Hyacinth into volunteering to clean the church hall toilet area.