Appearances of the PostmanEdit

Doesn't Hyacinth impose some amount of stress on the poor service workers that come to her door?  The original postman was played by Leo Dolan (two episodes).  Another postman (played by Robert Packham) appears in one episode.  The most regular postman is named Michael  and is played by David Janson. They often play the "Bucket/Bouquet" game, indicated below by *.

Episode Which What Happens to the Postman?
Daddy's Accident Original * Hyacinth tells him he's new, and he replies, "Only around here, lady."  After reporting he has no mail for her, Hyacinth insists that he check again.  She is quite disturbed that the neighbors get mail when she doesn't.  "Can't help that, lady."
The Charity Shop Original * Hyacinth meets him at the door and is cautious when receiving the mail.  She says she's careful until she knows where the mail came from ("Some total stranger may have licked this envelope.  Not to mention the stamp.")
The Father Christmas Suit Second He delivers more Christmas cards.  She wants him to make sure all the neighbors know that she had gotten 112 cards that year.
Iron Age Remains

Michael *

He sneaks to the door, is frightened by Hyacinth, and claims heart failure.  Hyacinth is seeking the invitation to the Royal Garden Party.  He tells Hyacinth that if anyone deserves a garden party, it's Richard!
A Job For Richard Michael He sneaks to the door only to have Hyacinth get out of a cab behind him.  She complains about having second-class stamps going through her mail slot.
Please Mind Your Head Michael He's informed by the milkman (who's had enough of his own trouble with Hyacinth and is played by Robert Rawles) that no one's home at the Bucket house.  He shakes the milkman's hand vigorously, pushed the mail through the slot, and yells through the slot (just because he can!).
Let There Be Light Michael * As Sheridan's cab pulls away, he tries to sneak past her.  He informs Hyacinth that he has seven children
Sea Fever Michael *

Hyacinth asks if he's the postman with the twitch.  She polishes his badge and begins to ask whether his marriage has difficulties.  She then requests that all their mail be forwarded to the QE2.

The Fancy Dress Ball


He attempts a quiet push through the mail slot, but fails.  When Hyacinth asks if he's got an invitation for her, he replies, "Why would I invite you anywhere?"

In a second visit, he recruits a kid (played by Kyle Wicks) to deliver the letter to the door.  At first, the kid is skeptical ("For Mrs. Bucket?  Forget it.")  When offered a pound, he accepts and carries out the mission without incident.

Hyacinth is Alarmed Michael * He gets scared at the door and hides, only to be discovered by Hyacinth. 
Riparian Entertainments Michael * He tosses the envelope toward the door, hoping it would end up on the step. She has posted an invitation to Emmet and Elizabeth and asks the mailman to look through the mail to see if it's arrived yet.  He refuses.

There may be more episodes with mailmen in them, but there are no other "Postman" characters credited on IMDB.  Feel free to add on to the list above!

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