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The Hostess
Episode Details
Season 5, Episode 10
Air date 5 November 1995
Written by Roy Clarke
Directed by Harold Snoad
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An excited Hyacinth has put an advert in the local newspaper to teach people social etiquette, but the clientele proves far different than what she expected.

Caution To The Deliverymen[]

  • The milkman (played by Robert Rawles)  has brought a lad (played by John Waterhouse) as an apprentice.  The lad offers to take the bottles to Hyacinth's door, but the milkman won't let him because he's promised the lad's mother he'd look after him. 
  • Hyacinth reports that she thinks the paperboy (not credited) is avoiding her because she had previously forced him to wash his ears (she took him a wet wipe to get the job done)!  He runs at the sight of Hyacinth, who surprisingly catches him.


Daisy's recalling a time when Onslow ripped her pink dress off in a moment of passion.  Onslow, of course, doesn't remember the incident and believes it was another man.

Daisy (finally remembering): It was one of Rose's engagement parties!  Yeah!

Onslow:  Well, that doesn't narrow it down much!  Your Rose has had more engagement parties than I've had bags of crisps!

[a bit of other action.  Rose can't remember who she was engaged to when Daisy wore the pink dress]

Rose:  What was I wearing?

Onslow:  Well, it wouldn't be white, I can tell you that much."  [Rose smirks]