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The Boy Friend
Episode Details
Season 5, Episode 7
Air date 15 October 1995
Written by Roy Clarke
Directed by Harold Snoad
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Hyacinth sings to her heart’s content when discovering Emmet's latest musical The Boy Friend is in production. Meanwhile Daddy is once again back in the war and guarding Onslow’s house with a sharp object.

Great Scenes[]

Daisy enters the bedroom with burlesque music playing and a very revealing negligee. She dances provocatively. She twirls the feather boa in front of Onslow, who seems totally uninterested. Daisy gets disgusted, turns the music off, but gives one more attempt at exciting Onslow, when he says, "Any more bacon?"


Daisy (to Rose, about her newest gentleman):  Didn't you know he was married?

Rose:  Yes, but I didn't know it was serious.