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Basic Info
Gender Female
Occupation(s) Hippy
Portrayed by Laura Shavin
Parents Daisy (Mother)
Onslow (Father)
Children Kylie (Daughter)
Grandparents Mrs Walton (Gandmother)
Daddy (Grandfather)
Aunts and Uncles Hyacinth Bucket (Auntie)
Rose (Auntie)
Violet (Auntie)
Richard Bucket (Uncle)
Bruce (Uncle)
Cousins Sheridan Bucket
First Appearance The Christening
Last Appearance The Christening

Stephanie is a fictional character in the British situation comedy series Keeping Up Appearances, that first aired from 1990 to 1995.

Stephanie is the daughter of Daisy and Onslow and made her first and only appearance in the Series 1 episode "The Christening" where her daughter Kylie was christened. In this episode it is shown that she chose a hippie lifestyle. She lives in a polyamorous relationship with two men, not knowing which one is the father of her child (they both claim to be the father though).