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Episode Details
Season 5, Episode 5
Air date 1 October 1995
Written by Roy Clarke
Directed by Harold Snoad
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Country Estate Sale

For Richard’s birthday Hyacinth buys some skis as she believes they "will look good on the car". However needing Violet and Bruce’s roof rack the Buckets head off to Violet's luxury home, picking two neighbours up along the way. Hyacinth is thrown into a panic when arriving as Violet and Bruce are arguing.


Hyacinth (speaking on the phone with Rose, who's just met a nice Christian man):  Well, of course I believe there's life after death!  Richard and I will be an entity for eternity.  [Richard's face looks desperate]

Daisy: If there is an afterlife, do you think we'll be slimmer?

Onslow: I expect so.  I don't suppose they'll do as many chips.

Miss Pilsworth (seeing Hyacinth coming): Oh, Lord. It's the Candlelight Queen.