Sheridan Bucket
Basic Info
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Student
Parents Hyacinth Bucket (Mother)
Richard Bucket (Father)
Romances Tarquin (Possible Boyfriend)
Grandparents Mrs Walton (Gandmother)
Daddy (Grandfather)
Aunts and Uncles Daisy (Auntie)
Rose (Auntie)
Violet (Auntie)
Onslow (Uncle)
Bruce (Uncle)
Cousins Stephanie
Other Relatives Onslow (Uncle)
Bruce (Uncle)
Kylie (First cousin once removed)

Sheridan Bucket is a fictional character in the British situation comedy series Keeping Up Appearances, that first aired from 1990 to 1995 and he is the unseen son of Hyacinth and Richard Bucket.

He is away at college (at "The Poly" studying Tapestry Design and Advanced Needlework[1]) and is known to audiences primarily through Hyacinth's phone conversations with him. It is important to note that Sheridan's voice is never heard. Though it is implied that Sheridan is gay (perhaps in a relationship with roommate Tarquin), Hyacinth herself either doesn't realize or refuses to acknowledge her son's presumed sexual orientation (she frequently describes him as being "artistic, like his mummy"). He usually phones when he is in need of money.

He is also interested in an organization called "The Worker's Revolutionary Vanguard". (Let There Be Light).

Sample Conversations with Mummy

In The Candlelight Supper, Sheridan rings, and after asking for seventy pounds, the following is heard:

Hyacinth (to Sheridan): "Now you're not spending it on girls, are you, dear? You promised Mummy. We agreed not until after you've finished your education. [she listens] Oh, you and Tarquin aren't interested in girls. What a comfort that is to a mother's heart, dear."

Possible Sightings

Perhaps this is Sheridan in the upper left corner. Dressed stylishly (as Hyacinth would demand)

Also, at the very beginning of Let There Be Light, Sheridan is in a taxi driving away, as Hyacinth sobs remembering how he looked wearing vests.


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