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Rose Walton
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Basic Info
Gender Female
Occupation(s) Solicitor (particularly A Job For Richard), Actress (The Pageant), also Stay At Home Nurse for Daddy with Daisy
Age Stelfox - 49 (1990)

Millar - 55-59 (1991-1995)

Portrayed by Shirley Stelfox (Series 1)
Mary Millar (Series 2-5)
Parents Mrs Walton (Mother)
Daddy (Father)
Sibling(s) Hyacinth Bucket (Sister)
Daisy (Sister)
Violet (Sister)
Romances See List Below
Nieces and Nephews Sheridan Bucket (Unseen Nephew)
Stephanie (Niece)
Other Relatives Richard Bucket (Brother-in-law)
Onslow (Brother-in-law)
Bruce (Brother-in-law)
Kylie (great niece)
First Appearance Daddy's Accident
Last Appearance The Pageant
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Rose Walton is a fictional character in the British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances. She is portrayed by two actresses: The late Shirley Stelfox in series one, and the late Mary Millar from series two onwards.

Personality and Description and middle name[]

The more attractive, albeit ageing, sister, to social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket, and as Emmet describes her: 'The one with the friendly legs.' She lives in a rundown council house with sister Daisy, Daisy's slobbish husband Onslow and her senile father, always referred to as 'Daddy' by Hyacinth. Rose usually refers to him as "father" not "daddy."  She has apparently been married before (in Early Retirement, she questions whether or not to get married again.  She thinks not, because it will dampen her love life!). Her middle name is Irene while her sister Violet has the middle name of Jane, Daisy has the middle name of Elizabeth and Hyacinth has the middle name of Alice.

She's a promiscuous character, always wearing revealing outfits and short skirts, and forever getting involved with men (see list below), usually married.   Such attributes give the impression she's tarty, cheap, common, and another down-market relative designed to embarrass Hyacinth Bucket. However, as Richard describes her in the series three episode "Iron Age Remains," Rose is "a gentle soul" who’s just a bit "mixed up." Like Hyacinth, appearance is everything to her, despite her social aims being very different. Her provocative lifestyle provides some of the show's humour and prompts sarcastic remarks from Onslow. 

Rose's Outfits[]

A common theme throughout the series is Rose's provocative and revealing outfits. These outfits often serve as a comedic aspect of the show, as this often causes dismay to Hyacinth. She typically wears a blouse with short-cut shorts or a short-cut skirt.



As with all her poorer relatives, Hyacinth is ashamed of Rose and fears she'll jeopardize her chances of progressing up the social ladder, thus Hyacinth does her best to keep Rose hidden. Nevertheless, whenever her youngest sister (Rose) becomes either distraught or suicidal, due to another unfortunate encounter with a boyfriend, Hyacinth never fails to rush to her aid, and clearly cares about her. Additionally, in the series one episode "The Charity Shop" Hyacinth kisses Rose on the cheek. Nevertheless, the short-skirted man eater is always too keen to involve herself in Hyacinth's life, often to chase her male associates such as the (married) Vicar or Hyacinth's neighbour Emmet, both of whom, like most men, are somewhat attracted to her.

The Vicar and The Vicar's Wife[]

Rose is disliked by the Vicar's Wife as she lusts after her husband, calling him "that dishy Vicar". The Vicar's jealous wife calls Rose the "vampire sister."

Rose's Boyfriends[]

Episode Notes
Daddy's Accident Mentions Mr. Crabtree and Boris
The New Vicar Wants to commit suicide when Mr. Hepplewhite goes back to his wife. She shows up at Hyacinth’s house dressed in black and meets the new vicar.
Stately Home An angry wife (played by Liz Gebhardt) shows up at the house. The two fight hysterically upstairs, and come down as friends, both hating the man involved.
The Charity Shop Grieves the loss of Mr. Blenkinsop. The earlier story of Mr. Hepplewhite is recounted; She falls for Mr. Duxbury (played by Norman Lovett), the son of the woman “engaged” to Daddy. Duxbury is afraid of Rose's advances.
Daisy's Toyboy Daisy pretends to be in love with a seventeen-year-old, one of Rose's old boyfriends (played by Johnny Lee Miller). Rose says they weren't compatible.
The Christening Expecting a call from Reg. Later tells Dennis she is finished with Reg (crossing her fingers). Reg apparently has Rose's name tattooed on his body. Both Reg (played by Bruce Bennett) and Dennis (played by Jonathan Fryer) show up at the church quarreling as to who will escort Rose.
A Strange Man Expecting a call from Mr. Bickerstaff. Daisy inquires about Mr. Crabtree.
Driving Mrs Fortescue Rose comes home one morning "betrayed and abandoned". She and Daisy go out in search of a Mr. Helliwell to find out if he really loves Rose.
The Candlelight Supper Mr. Helliwell is coming for a visit. Rose plans to have him collect her at Hyacinth's house. Onslow thinks Rose is still seeing Boris (who later rings Rose, they argue). Boris (played by Dicken Ashworth) and Mr. Helliwell (played by Gregory Cox) both arrive at Hyacinth's door as she is preparing for her guests at the Candlelight Supper.
Golfing With The Major While Richard and Hyacinth are enjoying their luxury hotel, they are disturbed by the romantic playfulness coming from Room 210. It turns out the occupants are Rose and a "Mr. Smith".
Onslow's Birthday The whole family is going out to eat for Onslow's birthday. Rose arranges for her Greek boyfriend, Mr. Marinopolous (played by Ivan Santon), to collect them all in his limousine, which turns out to be in the repair shop. Rose tells Hyacinth, "He's not without means. ... I don't just go out with rubbish, you know!"
Singing for Emmet Rose enters Daisy and Onslow's bedroom early in the morning announcing her latest boyfriend has gone back to his wife. She later appears again in black funeral clothes (with mini-skirt). She pledges to become a nun and seeks a recommendation from Hyacinth's vicar (during which madness ensues!)
The Toy Store Rose makes her usual play for "the lonely" Mr. Emmet Hawksworth (who rather enjoyed the experience).
The Three-Piece Suite Expecting a call from Boris (who made up - "twice" - with Rose the night before, Rose reveals on a call with Hyacinth). She finally rings Boris back, and they argue. She speaks again of Emmet.
A Picnic for Daddy Hyacinth rings, and Daisy answers expecting a call from a Mr. Butterfield, who Hyacinth later surmises must be one of "the quality car people". Ted Butterfield apparently has hairy toes (we learn during a phone argument) and is "a total dreg without a penny to his name".
The Father Christmas Suit Rose is expecting a visit from Mr. Sudbury, a classical dancer. Rose kisses Emmet and the Vicar under the mistletoe. Sudbury is played by Tony Kemp.
Early Retirement

Rose ponders getting married again, those she realizes it would dampen her love life. Roger phones (Rose acts innocent and inexperienced.) She invites him to pick her up at Hyacinth's address. He brings his large black dog (of the Newfoundland breed). Roger (played by Jon Glover or more info) confronts Hyacinth (whom he thinks is Rose's mother!). Hyacinth later takes the dog for a "walk".

Iron Age Remains Rose speaks to Edgar on the phone, who has gone back to his wife. She questions his faithfulness. She dons the black funeral garb once again (this time a black veil and black negligee). She locks herself in her bedroom, sobbing. At the end she chases the vicar (still in funeral clothes).
How To Go On Holiday Without Really Trying Rose spent the night with a man, discussing model aeroplanes. She decides to become a missionary. She shows up at the church in a provocative cleaning outfit and falls into the arms of the vicar.
Richard's New Hobby Rose is expecting a phone call that never comes. She (dressed in mini-skirt) and Councillor Mrs Nugent push Onslow's car together. Mrs Nugent thinks Rose is Onslow's moll (prostitute).
The Art Exhibition Daddy's off to join the French Foreign Legion, and Rose has a gentleman friend, Mr. Finchley (played by Nicholas Bennett), who has the perfect vehicle for finding him.
What To Wear When Yachting Rose awaits a call from Mr. Bartholomew (for a change, a single and never married man). She must appear chaste, so she tells him she's been reading her prayer book.
A Celebrity for the Barbecue Hyacinth's outdoors indoor luxury barbecue with finger buffet is ruined when her guest of honor, the C.P. Benedict (played by Paul Williamson) turns out to be an old friend of the mini-skirt-wearing Rose, who's shown up unexpectedly with a similarly-dress Daisy.
Please Mind Your Head She has recently gotten rid of Mr. Murchison.
Angel Gabriel Blue Hyacinth goes to investigate the strange man in Daddy's bed, and stumbles upon Rose and Mr. Merryweather (played by Trevor Bannister), the man that sold Hyacinth new countertops.
Seaside Fun Rose is back early from a date with Mr. Ripley, because it's Mrs. Ripley's idea that he needs to be in early. Then while reporting Daddy's absence to the police, Rose gasps when she sees Charlie (played by John Darrell), an Inspector, and obviously an old flame.
The Fancy Dress Ball Rose is engaged (his nickname is "Cuddly Chops", because she can't pronounce his Polish name. "There's too many Zeds in it."). So everyone calls him Mr. Whatsit (seen in the back seat, but not credited).
Hyacinth is Alarmed Mr. Whatsit has broken off the engagement and returned to Poland in favor of a redhead there. Rose is pleased to have the Vicar call at the house.
Skis Rose has met a born-again Christian (in the pub!), and she wants to talk to the Vicar (though Hyacinth is against the idea).
Country Estate Sale Rose speaks of being happy with Derek (until his wife found out).
The Boy Friend Rose has an appointment with a gentleman friend (married, of course), with whom she ends up disgusted.
The Rolls Royce Rose reports that last Christmas, she was on the floor of the wardrobe with Mr. Blenkinsop (who was apparently drunk on Bristish sherry). Daddy wears a hat that Rose says was once filled with "lonely Australia" (a one-time down-under boyfriend?).
The Hostess

Daisy and Onslow talk about Rose's many engagement parties (see Episode page for the conversation). Daisy and Rose sort through the photos of all of Rose's fiances (some of whom she can't remember).

The Pageant Rose once again confronts the wife (played by Una Stubbs) of one of her boyfriends, Mr. Moody.


  • According to the book Hyacinth Bucket's Hectic Social Calendar, Rose's birthday is May 12th.