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Open University[]

Onslow, despite his seeming lack of education, bone-idleness (as Daisy says), and slothful physical appearance, is actually a very intelligent man, able to discuss the great questions of the universe.  He attributes this to his regular viewing of Open University.  See Onslow's page for further discussion of his intellectual prowess (often in the area of physics).  Here is a list of the discussions he's had based on this practice: ___________________________________________________________________

In The Candlelight Supper, Onslow and Daisy have the following conversation:

Daisy:  What are you thinking about, Onslow?

Onslow:  I was wondering, if there is a force behind the universe, on balance, would you class it as 'A' Alien, or 'B' Friendly?

Daisy:  I wish you'd stop watching "Open University".

Onslow:  Man has this restless urge to understand. _____________________________________________________________________

In The Toy Store, we see the following exchange, after Onslow describes someone with "limpid eyes" as having tiny scabs on the retina:

Daisy:  You made all that up, didn't you?

Onslow:   You say that to me, a regular viewer of "The Open University?"

Daisy:   You're full of flannel, Onslow.

Onslow:   Ah, yes, but educated flannel.  Flannel up to degree standard.


In The Commodore, another philosophical discussion in bed:

Onslow:  The molecular biologist will trll you the 98% of our genes are identical to those of monkeys.  Less than 2% are specifically human.

Daisy:  So?

Onslow: So why do I wake up craving for fag and not a banana?

Daisy:  You've been watching Open University again.

Onslow:  It broadens your intellectual horizons. ____________________________________________________________________

In Sea Fever, Onslow talks about a dream he had about black holes.

Onslow: They can suck you in, compress all your matter.

Daisy (looking at Onslow's fat belly): It could do with a bit ... Look if it's going to upset you, you have to stop watching Open University.


In the special Life Lessons from Onslow (see also YouTube), Onslow hosts an Open University program.