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Mrs. Nugent, more widely referred to by Hyacinth as Councillor Mrs. Nugent or Mrs. Councillor Nugent, is an acquaintance of the Buckets. It is unknown whether she is the councillor herself or if she is married to one.

Personality and Traits[]

Mrs. Nugent is a conservative, prudish and overly miserable woman. Hyacinth however is willing to put up with this for the purpose of advancing her own social standing by securing a place on her committee (it is never specifiied what her committee actually is). Like a lot the the cast, Mrs. Nugent called Hyacinth 'Mrs. Bucket', however Hyacinth does not ever correct her, only once mouthing that her name is pronounced as 'Bouquet'; most likely she is too scared to do so.


Mrs. Nugent is played by the late Charmian May.

Mrs. Nugent almost discovers Hyacinth's lower class relatives after Rose donates some revealing underwear to the charity shop. Taking offence at anything remotely sexual Mrs. Nugent brings them back to Rose's address, which she learned as there was a Poll Tax demand left in the bag.

If Mrs Nugent is herself a councillor it is not clear what political party she represents (if she represents one at all, as she could be an independent). Whilst her beliefs regarding sexuality are very conservative (with a small c) her thriftiness and distain for materialism (i.e. she considers taxis a waste of money and rides a bike) could be viewed as socialist. Moreover, despite looking down on them, she volunteered to help Onslow and Rose shift Onslow's broken down car from outside Hyacinth's house; considering it her duty to help, again suggesting that she has left wing leaning views.

She appears in the following 3 episodes: 'The Charity Shop', 'The Toy Store' and 'Richard's New Hobby'