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Mr Thorgunby was Richard's superior in the Department of Finance and General Purposes.

Over the Christmas period (The Father Christmas Suit) it was Hyacinth's intention to have Mr Thorgunby and his wife Fiona around for mulled wine and hot mince pies so that they could discuss the conditions of Richard's early retirement.

Early on in the episode Hyacinth phones the Thorgunby's house. She is suprised to have a timid childish voice answer at the other end. Believing it to be a child, Hyacinth tells the person to "run along, poppet, and tell your Mummy Mrs Thorgunby that there is a nice lady wanting to speak with her". It turns out that Hyacinth is speaking to Mrs Thorgunby.

Later on after Elizabeth is forced to dress up in the Father Christmas suit and pretend to be Richard (who was drunk with Emmet) and could not drive the church hall for the purpose of distributing gifts to elderly parishoneers dressed as Father Christmas. On the way Hyacinth sees the Thorgunby's car driving in the direction of their house. Not wanting to miss them, Hyacinth graps the wheel from Elizabeth causing the car to block the Thorgunby's path.

Mr Thorgunby speaks to Elizabeth believing it to be Richard and notices some exposed female undergarments from under the  suit. Mistaking Richard to be a cross-dresser, he is further taken back by Hyacinth's comment that Richard was looking forward to " getting him into a quiet corner". Hyacinth manages to convience the Thorgunbys to follow them to the church hall to watch distribute the gifts. However upon arrival she is distracted by the vicar telling her that Daddy had shown up uninvited, drunk and wearing very few clothes. Whilst Hyacinth is trying to calm her father down, the Thorgunbys quietly drive off.


Series 2, Episode 11: The Father Christmas Suit


The Thorgunbys are not to be confused with the Thorncliffes, who have a place in the country which Hyacinth cites as reason that she and Richard should have one also. (Country Retreat)