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This is a list of characters that have appeared on Keeping Up Appearances.

Time Series[]

Characters Series
1 2 3 4 5
Hyacinth Bucket Patricia Routledge
Richard Bucket Clive Swift
Onslow Geoffrey Hughes
Daisy Judy Cornwell
Rose Shirley Stelfox Mary Millar
Violet   Anna Dawson
Daddy George Webb
Bruce   John Evitts
Elizabeth Warden Josephine Tewson
Emmet Hawksworth   David Griffin
The Vicar Jeremy Gittins
The Vicar's Wife Marion Barron
Michael (The Postman) Leo Dolan   David Janson
Milkman Robert Rawles
Mrs Councillor Nugent Charmian May  

Bucket Family and Relatives[]

Image Name Actor Cast Duration
Hyacinth Bucket Patricia Routledge Series 1 - Series 5
The show's protagonist, played by Patricia Routledge, is the social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket (née Walton; b. 4 December 1930), who insists that her surname is pronounced "Bouquet", as in an arrangement of flowers. Hyacinth's primary aims in life are to impress people, particularly of the upper and upper-middle classes, and to give the impression that she is of high social standing, despite her fairly average status.
Image Name Actor Cast Duration
Richard Bucket Clive Swift Series 1 - Series 5
Played by Clive Swift, Richard Bucket is Hyacinth's long-suffering husband who is at her beck and call. Richard is a calm, tolerant and relaxed character who cares little for enhancing or preserving social status, and he seems content with his (barely) middle class standing. He is usually laid back but has two great fears; heights, and Hyacinth spending too much money on things. He pronounces his last name, Bucket,as the English word, and snaps to Hyacinth in one episode, "It's not "Bouquet", it's Bucket! It was always Bucket until I met you".
Image Name Actor Cast Duration
Onslow Geoffrey Hughes Series 1 - Series 5
Onslow's surname is never given. He is played by Geoffrey Hughes, is Hyacinth's brother-in-law, and is a tattooed, beer-guzzling, unemployed and apathetic slob intensely despised by Hyacinth. Onslow threatens his sister-in-law's social prestige with his scruffy clothes and common, coarse ways. Onslow is proudly "workshy, bone idle and out of condition", and rarely gets up before lunch or dinner time. In multiple episodes, it is implied he was a bit wild in his youth, and it is suggested he may even have served time in prison, but he has considerably mellowed with age. Beneath his rough exterior he is a compassionate soul (taking pity on Richard having to live with Hyacinth) and an intelligent man (in bed with Daisy he reads books with titles such as ‘Principles of Condensed Matter Physics’).
Image Name Actor Cast Duration
Daisy Judy Cornwell Series 1 - Series 5
Daisy (played by Judy Cornwell) is the second-born of the Walton sisters. A happy, lively character, Daisy lives with her slobbish husband Onslow, her man-crazy sister Rose and their senile father. Her married surname is never given. Daisy, Onslow and Rose are the lower-class relatives Hyacinth is ashamed of. It is repeatedly mentioned that Daisy and Onslow were once very wild and passionate lovers, but Onslow has considerably cooled down with age. Daisy is constantly trying to get her husband to show passion towards her; however, she often fails to rouse any signs of affection from him save the odd compliment, and, as a result, buries herself in Mills & Boon novels.
Image Name Actor Cast Duration
Rose Shirley Stelfox

(Series 1)

Mary Millar

(Series 2-5)

Series 1 - Series 5
Hyacinth's youngest, lustful sister, Rose has an eye for men and a taste for short skirts and flashy, provocative outfits. In the episode "Early Retirement", she reveals she was once married, though it is not stated whether she is widowed or divorced. Her surname is also never given, though her maiden name is Walton like all the other sisters. She was played by Shirley Stelfox in series one and Mary Millar (whose performance was more over-the-top than Stelfox's) in every episode after that. She is another family member who threatens Hyacinth's social prestige, especially as the Vicar and Emmett are two of the men she sometimes chases. She even sometimes cosies up to Richard, though Hyacinth always puts a quick stop to that.
Image Name Actor Cast Duration
Violet Anna Dawson Series 5
Violet (played by Anna Dawson) is the third-eldest of the Walton sisters, who married a successful but eccentric turf accountant named Bruce. Hyacinth often brags that Violet and her husband Bruce have a large house, Mercedes, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, musical bidet, and room for a pony. They also have a cottage in the countryside, and a villa in Ibiza. However, Violet has a troubled marriage with her eccentric, cross-dressing husband, and repeatedly phones Hyacinth to complain about Bruce's mad behavior.
Image Name Actor Cast Duration
DADDY 01.jpg
Daddy George Webb Series 1 - Series 5
Daddy (played by George Webb) is the apparently senile, divorced father of Hyacinth, Daisy, Rose and Violet; the prequel Young Hyacinth reveals his wife ran off with an American. He lives with Onslow, Daisy and Rose. Hyacinth repeatedly makes bizarre excuses as to why he can't live with her (one being that he brings Sheridan out in a rash), and Daisy herself remarks in "Angel Gabriel Blue" that to punish Daddy by making him live with Hyacinth would be inhumane. Hyacinth loves her father dearly; however, his antics and constant requirement for attention put her social standing at risk. She tends to make up outlandish stories to explain his behavior to other people. It is often said by Richard that the rundown neighbourhood that Daddy lives in is the one he has lived in all his life, therefore revealing that Hyacinth grew up in the grubby, decrepit area she loathes visiting.
Image Name Actor Cast Duration
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Bruce John Evitts Series 5
Bruce is a successful but eccentric turf accountant.

Friends and Neighbours[]

Image Name Actor Cast Duration
2074519962 30be14e75a.jpg
Elizabeth Warden Jospehine Tewson Series 1 - Series 5
Elizabeth Warden (née Hawksworth) is Hyacinth's friendly, tolerant next-door neighbour who lives at number 24 Blossom Avenue. She has a brother, Emmett, who moves in with her in Series 2. She is played by Josephine Tewson. Hyacinth calls her Elizabeth, but everyone else calls her Liz. Hyacinth often invites her round for coffee, and despite frequent encouragement from her brother, Liz is too weak-willed to say no despite living in fear of Hyacinth's invitations.
Image Name Actor Cast Duration
Emmet Hawksworth.jpg
Emmett Hawksworth David Griffin Series 2 - Series 5
Emmet, played by David Griffin, made his first appearance in "A Strange Man", and appeared in nearly every subsequent episode. At first, Hyacinth and Richard thought he was Liz's illicit lover, but later found out he was her brother who moved in after he reportedly[3] lost his own house in a messy divorce.

Emmet is a cultured person, unlike most of Hyacinth's acquaintances. He rides horses, enjoys working in the garden, and has a fondness for sherry (occasionally over-imbibing, which Liz chides him for). He is a classically trained pianist, as well as both producer and director for the local amateur operatic society. He is also shown to have a fair singing voice, himself. Richard suggests that Emmett probably makes a good salary for his talents. Hyacinth, who always wanted to be on the stage, frequently sings at Emmet, and drops broad hints that he should include her in his work, but to no avail.

Image Name Actor Cast Duration
The Vicar Jeremy Gittins Series 1 - Series 5
Michael (played by Jeremy Gittins) is the young and handsome vicar of St. Mark's Church, which Richard and Hyacinth attend. Like most, he is terrified of Hyacinth, and does his best to avoid her, often unsuccessfully. Moreover, he often forgets that Hyacinth prefers her last name to be pronounced "bouquet" and addresses her as "Mrs Bucket". When he's discussing Hyacinth with his wife, they refer to her as "the Bucket woman".

He first arrived in the parish in "The New Vicar", after being a prison chaplain for an unspecified amount of time. He is called "that dishy vicar" by Rose, who often pursues him, much to the anger of his jealous wife, who dislikes the fact that the majority of Michael's congregation are women who make a fuss of him. The vicar being caught in compromising positions (which in context are quite innocent) with Rose or other women is a recurring gag in the series, as is the Vicar damaging whatever he's holding/using whenever Hyacinth's name is mentioned.

Image Name Actor Cast Duration
The Vicar's Wife Marion Barron Series 1 - Series 5
Married to the vicar, she (played by Marion Barron) is usually referred to as "dear" by her husband. She is a timid yet fiery young woman with a soft Scottish accent. She often finds her husband in compromising positions with Rose, whom she nicknames 'the vampire sister', or other young females and incorrectly assumes the worst. These situations are usually prefaced in an earlier scene where she expresses jealousy over the attention that Michael's female parishioners give him.

The vicar's wife initially dislikes Hyacinth, but as the series goes on, she grows to see more humour in some of Hyacinth's behaviour than other characters do. She has been seen to stifle fits of laughter at Hyacinth's suggestion of leaving sick parishioners outside while the vicar attends a party of Hyacinth's, and on another occasion merrily bobbed her head in time to Hyacinth's horrendous singing. She also is the only person who seems willing (instead of forced) to go on Hyacinth's little expedition in "Riverside Picnic".

Recurring Characters[]

Image Name Actor Cast Duration

(The Postman)

Leo Dolan (Series 1)

David Janson

(Series 3-5)

Series 1

Series 3-5

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Image Name Actor Cast Duration
Milkman Robert Rawles Series 1 - Series 5
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Image Name Actor Cast Duration
Mrs Councillor Nugent Charmian May Series 1 - Series 3
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Minor Characters[]