Episodes: Different Names on Different SourcesEdit

Below is a table showing the different names that various episodes have on different sources.  It becomes confusing because different sources use the name "Hyacinth Tees Off" for two different episodes (e.g., Netflix uses it for Series 4, Episode 1: A Job for Richard, and a website that transcribes episodes uses it for Series 2, Episode 4: Golfing with the Major).  Hopefully this table will help clear things up.

         Wikipedia (numbered as on site) Netflix (and its own numbering system) Website
Series 1
1 Daddy's Accident 1. The Name is Bouquet: B-U-C-K-E-T (same as Wikipedia)
2 The New Vicar 2. Welcoming the Dishy Vicar (same as Wikipedia)
3 Stately Home
3. Visiting An Acquaintance’s Stately Home (same as Wikipedia)
4 The Charity Shop 4. A Fate Worse Than Senility (same as Wikipedia)
5 Daisy’s Toyboy 5. Our Daisy and Her Toy Boy (same as Wikipedia)
6 The Christening 6. How to Manage a Family Christening (same as Wikipedia)
Series 2
7 A Strange Man 7. (same as Wikipedia) (same as Wikipedia)
8 Driving Mrs. Fortescue 8. (same as Wikipedia) (same as Wikipedia)
9 The Candlelight Supper 9. Candlelight Supper (same as Wikipedia)
10 Golfing with the Major 10. (same as Wikipedia) Hyacinth Tees Off
11 Problems with Relatives 11. The Googley-Eyes Registrar (same as Wikipedia)
12 Onslow’s Birthday 12. Cocktails with a Greek Shipping Millionaire (same as Wikipedia)
13 Singing for Emmet 13. The Unfortunate Prospect of Early Retirement
(same as Wikipedia)
14 The Toy Store 14. Playthings for Daddy (same as Wikipedia)
15 The Three-Piece Suite 15. Three Piece Suite
(same as Wikipedia)
16 A Picnic for Daddy 16. Picnic for Daddy (same as Wikipedia)
Christmas 1991 The Father Christmas Suit 17. A Very Merry Hyacinth (n/a)
Series 3
18 Early Retirement 21. Have A Camel (same as Wikipedia)
19 Iron Age Remains 22. How to Retire Early if You’re Not Careful (same as Wikipedia)
20 Violet’s Country Cottage 27. (same as Wikipedia)
(same as Wikipedia)
21 How to Go On Holiday without Really Trying 25. (same as Wikipedia) (same as Wikipedia)
22 Richard’s New Hobby 23. A Portrait of the Artist as a Hen Picked Man (same as Wikipedia)
23 The Art Exhibition 24. The French Lieutenant’s Wife
(same as Wikipedia)
24 What to Wear When Yachting 26. (same as Wikipedia) (same as Wikipedia)
Series 4
25 A Job for Richard 28. Hyacinth Tees Off! (same as Wikipedia)
26 Country Retreat 31. The Rural Retreat (same name as Wikipedia, but the site has this script confused with that of The Commodore.)
27 A Celebrity for the Barbecue 34. Let There Be Light (Netflix mixup) (same as Wikipedia)
28 The Commodore 29. The Nautical Speaker (same name as Wikipedia, but the site has this script confused with that of Country Retreat.)
29 Looking At Properties 32. Beacon for the Best in Hospitality (same as Wikipedia)
30 Please Mind Your Head 33. (same as Wikipedia) (same as Wikipedia)
31 Let There Be Light 30. Indoor/Outdoor Luxury Barbecue and Finger Buffet (Netflix mixup) (n/a)
Christmas 1993 Sea Fever 18. (same as Wikipedia)
Christmas 1994 Angel Gabriel Blue 19. (same as Wikipedia) (n/a)
Series 5
34 The Senior Citizen’s Outing 35. Seaside Fun (same as Wikipedia)
35 The Mayor’s Fancy Dress Ball 36. The Fancy Dress Ball (same as Wikipedia)
36 Hyacinth is Alarmed 37. (same as Wikipedia) (same as Wikipedia)
37 A Riverside Picnic 38. Riparian Entertainments (same as Wikipedia)
38 Skis 39.  Sister, Sister Richard's Birthday Skis
39 Country Estate Sale 40. (same as Wikipedia) The Country House Sale
40 The Boy Friend 41. General Bucket (same as Wikipedia)
41 A Barbecue at Violet’s 42. A Bon Vivant Buffet (same as Wikipedia)
42 The Rolls Royce 43. A Crafts-Woman Scorned (same as Wikipedia)
43 The Hostess 44. Scintillating Socializing (same as Wikipedia)
Christmas 1995 The Pageant 20. Historical Pageant (n/a)
Special 1997 The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket 45. (same as Wikipedia) (n/a)
Special 2008 Life Lessons from Onslow (clips available online) (n/a) (n/a) uses varying titles, many similar to the Netflix titles (above)

YouTube also offers a Bloopers edition of Keeping Up Appearances and the Comedy Connections Retrospective Episode (2004).

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