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Emmet Hawksworth
Emmet Hawksworth.jpg
Basic Info
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Pianist/Producer and Director of the Amateur Operatic Society
Age 1990-1995 - 46-51
Portrayed by David Griffin
Sibling(s) Elizabeth Warden (Sister)
Mr Warden (brother-in-law)
Unnamed ex-wife
Nieces and Nephews Gail (Unseen Niece)
First Appearance A Strange Man
Last Appearance The Pageant

Emmet Hawksworth is a fictional character in the British comedy series Keeping Up Appearances portrayed by actor David Griffin, and introduced into the series at the beginning of series two.

Emmet is Elizabeth Warden’s brother who, after a messy divorce, comes to live with her, and thus becomes a neighbour of social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket and a regular fixture of the series. When Emmet first arrives, Hyacinth sees him as a man “draped in a towel" collecting the milk from his sister’s doorstep. Jumping to conclusions and diving into panic, Hyacinth believes the area—via Elizabeth's morals—are in decline ("I warned her against watching Channel 4!"), and declares that she and Richard must move (much to Richard's disbelief and aggravation). However Hyacinth soon realises (though not in time to save her husband from being viewed by Emmet as "an idiot") that Emmet is Elizabeth’s brother, and after learning that he plays the piano and directs the local amateur operatic society, she gives broad hints by singing throughout the rest of the series, so that Emmet will notice her talent and include her in his musical productions. As a result, Emmet becomes terrified of Hyacinth, fearing he will be sung at every time he walks out the door. Thus he resorts to many unconventional measures to avoid his neighbor and her voice. Emmet also fears being invited to one of Hyacinth's gatherings, which usually are her elaborate "candlelight suppers", and develops, like most, a genuine dislike for the woman and enjoys treating her nastily without remorse. Yet Hyacinth is oblivious to Emmet’s hatred for her, too concerned about trying to impress him with her vocals. Hyacinth thinks Emmet is attracted to her and hides out of shyness, thus giving him all the more reason to be nasty towards her. Like most characters, Emmet is sympathetic towards the long-suffering Richard Bucket, and often wonders aloud to his sister, "How does he live with her?" Emmet's fear of Hyacinth, along with his sharp-tongued cruelty, provide some of the programme's humour. Josephine Tewson has said in an interview part of the BBC Comedy Connections series, that Roy Clarke gave a real “lift” to the series when Emmet arrived at series two. Unlike most people she encountered, Hyacinth couldn’t simply scare Emmet into following her will.


"She'll sing at me!" (Frequently used line)

"No! No! Enough!"

"I used to think that a bad marriage was the worst thing that happened to me. But you can divorce wives whereas there is no cure whatsoever for a singing neighbour". (The Commodore)