Early Retirement
Episode Details
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date 6 September 1992
Written by Roy Clarke
Directed by Harold Snoad
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A depressed Richard turns up to work and is finally facing early retirement. Meanwhile, Hyacinth telephones the Prime Minister asking if there is anything on the honours list for Richard. (She is disappointed to only get to speak to the "Third Private Secretary")  Later, she prepares for a guest, though plans begin to go haywire for the house-proud lady when Olive, Rose's boyfriend's dog parks itself on her driveway.

Great ScenesEdit

Richard is sitting with his superior (played by Ivor Danvers) having a last conversation before he retires officially. He obviously doesn't want to leave. He makes several offers to stay on so he doesn't have to be home with Hyacinth all day:

  • "I could come in the odd afternoon." [boss refuses]
  • "Unless, of course, mornings would be better." [more refusals]
  • (Desperately) "I'll do anything! You won't have to keep me at my old grade."
  • "Mornings or afternoons." [pause] "Mornings and afternoons." [He leaves defeated.]


Daisy and Rose are discussing romance, and Rose comments that Onslow isn't much of a lover.

Onslow: Listen, when the occasion calls for it, as a lover, I am still dynamite.

Daisy (skeptical look on her face): Rather a short fuse these days.


The three-piece suite that Daisy and Onslow got from Hyacinth (The Three-Piece Suite), which is seen in A Picnic For Daddy, is here reported to have been sold by Onslow when he got a good offer.

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