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Basic Info
Gender Female
Occupation(s) Stay-at-Home Nurse, Drain Repair (Sea Fever), Actress (The Pageant)
Age 1995 - 50-55
Portrayed by Judy Cornwell
Parents Mrs Walton (Mother)
Daddy (Father)
Sibling(s) Hyacinth Bucket (Sister)
Rose (Sister)
Violet (Sister)
Spouse(s) Onslow
Children Stephanie (Daughter)
Grandchildren Kylie (Granddaughter)
Nieces and Nephews Sheridan Bucket (Unseen Nephew)
Other Relatives Richard Bucket (Brother-in-law)
Bruce (Brother-in-law)
First Appearance Daddy's Accident
Last Appearance The Pageant

Daisy , née Walton is a fictional character in the British situation comedy, Keeping Up Appearances, portrayed by actress Judy Cornwell.

Personality and Description[]

Daisy is the lower-class sister of social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket, who lives with her apathetic slob husband, Onslow their surname is never mentioned, promiscuous sister Rose, and her senile father.

Daisy is full of life and always smiling, despite picking up her husband's bad habits of sleeping until noon and watching television all day. She persists in trying to get her apathetic husband to have sex with her (she recalls their first time was in a bus shelter on Milton Street, though Onslow disagrees - A Barbecue At Violet's), and tries to share romantic moments with him, however, her efforts always fail (see especially The Boy Friend) as Onslow prefers to drink beer and watch "racing on the telly." As a result, Daisy tends to lose herself in Mills & Boonromance novels.

Onslow and Daisy have one daughter, Stephanie, who has a daughter named Kylie (whose father is unknown even to Stephanie, who is in a polyamorous relationship), and only appears in the final episode of series one, The Christening. Later in another series, she reminisces how being pregnant (presumably with Stephanie) was the reason their wedding had to be brought forward.

A Very Messy Home[]

Daisy, Onslow, and Rose live in a rather messy and run-down council-house, which proves to be a bane of Hyacinth Bucket. In series one, Daisy can be seen in the kitchen in which her counters are visibly dirty and she wipes them down with a dirty washcloth. Her coffee beakers are chipped and in disrepair.

The later series have an emphasis on Daisy's family room and bedroom. There is a lot of clutter on most of the home's surfaces. They own a TV which appears to be in bad shape and requires it to be whacked in order to turn it on. Their furniture may be received second-hand; they receive an old family room suite from Hyacinth as seen in The-Three Piece Suite.

Their front yard has not been spared the mess either! Daisy's front gate is frequently in disrepair and often falls off the hinges. There is an old abandoned car sitting in the middle of the yard in which their dog likes to sit in; this dog frequently barks at Hyacinth as she walks past it, often frightening her. The back yard is never seen on the series.



Onslow is Daisy's loving husband, who is very much a slob also. The two of them can frequently be seen sluggishly doing things about the house. They are often seen sleeping in bed or sitting in their family room. Many interactions occur in the family room where Onslow is deeply focused on the TV while Daisy either tries to attract attention from him or she interacts with her sister Rose. Daisy often becomes amorous towards Onslow, which he subsequently turns her down from disinterest or some other excuse.

Onslow has a strong distaste for the Liverpool F.C. This is found out when it is briefly mentioned in series four, that Daisy is a Liverpool F.C. supporter, and once went with her uncle to the games. Her support for Liverpool F.C. caused a huge problem with Onslow when they first met, because she did not reveal her allegiance until the wedding night. The football club which Onslow supports is unnamed, but since Onslow is a Scouser himself, it is presumably Everton F.C. or Tranmere Rovers.

She pushes frequently reluctant Onslow in dealing with her father.


Hyacinth is Daisy's older sister, whose polished lifestyle contrasts strongly against Daisy's care-free, dirt-infested way of living. Therefore, she is condemned by her elder sister, Hyacinth. Daisy often stands as a threat to Hyacinth's desires to ascend the social hierarchy, often foiling her schemes. A common joke on the show is when Onslow and Daisy show up to a site near Hyacinth (or to Hyacinth's home), often unannounced, and their car makes a loud backfire - causing embarrassment to Hyacinth and attracting attention.

Despite this, Daisy very much looks up to Hyacinth. Nevertheless, it is Hyacinth that Daisy always turns to when worried about Onslow, Rose, or her senile father who frequently causes embarrassing problems that Hyacinth has to always solve. Daisy, like Hyacinth, has to help deal with their father's constant shenanigans, such as getting engaged to a succession of different women. Often he sneaks out without anyone noticing, and Daisy must track him down.


  • According to the book Hyacinth Bucket's Hectic Social Calendar, Daisy's birthday is July 18th.