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Basic Info
Gender Male
Age 78-83
Other Aliases Father
Portrayed by George Webb
Spouse(s) Mrs Walton (Wife)
Romances Mrs Walton
Children Hyacinth Bucket (Daughter)
Daisy (Daughter)
Rose (Daughter)
Violet (Daughter)
Grandchildren Sheridan Bucket (Grandson)
Stephanie (Granddaughter)
Other Relatives Richard Bucket (Son-in-law)
Onslow (Son-in-law)
Bruce (Son-in-law)
Kylie (great-granddaughter)
First Appearance Daddy's Accident
Last Appearance The Pageant

"Daddy" is a fictional character in the British Situation Comedy Keeping Up Appearances.

He is the father of Hyacinth, Rose, Daisy, and Violet.

In some episodes he is mentioned only, but not seen at all.

He is portrayed by George Webb.

Daddy is mentioned and briefly seen in the very first episode. He is often tangled up in matters that greatly embarrass Hyacinth but amuse Onslow, who refers to Daddy as a "dirty old man." Hyacinth will often try to cover up Daddy's incidents by calling it an act of courage or putting it to a matter of his declining health.

Daddy's behaviors are probably because of his senility.

In "The Charity Shop" Daddy offers marriage to an old woman, and is briefly seen in the episode.

He lives under the care of his daughters Daisy and Rose, and Daisy's husband, Onslow, in a run down council house.

Characteristics and Behaviours[]

Hyacinth's father is a senile old man who frequently thinks WWII is still on and wandering out of the house to join the Foreign Legion, and enjoys dressing up in costumes and relishes in pinching the bottoms of strange women. He is referred to by Onslow as a "dirty old man" but to Hyacinth he is "just a touch senile in the nicest possible way".

His condition means he is unpredictable and behaves bizarrely. Sometimes he believes himself still to be a soldier in World War II, while at other time believes himself to be outrageous characters, such as the masked crime fighter "Captain Midnight." He occasionally indulges in a second childhood, once dressing up as a spaceman, he also enjoys playing with trains (as implied in series one). Daddy's senility sometimes leads him to require constant supervision.

Daddy or Lionel occasionally, without any thought, proposes marriage to women at the over 60s club he attends and gets caught up in various relationships. In a series two episode, he takes himself off to the register office to be married. When arriving he falls asleep. Frequently he goes missing, thus sending Hyacinth into a panic.

Daisy and company often turn to Hyacinth for help when their father is being problematic; however they occasionally prefer not to tell her, knowing "she'll go mad."

His irrational behaviour often causes Hyacinth embarrassment and is yet another threat to her attempts at impressing the upper-classes.

Daddy has very few lines, and is heard speaking in only a few episodes.

He isn't in every episode, despite many of the plots involving him.

In "A Picnic for Daddy" he is briefly seen inside of Richard's car, driving like a maniac.

Much to Hyacinth's dismay, the family must ride in Onslow's car, and an epic chase begins.

While preparing him for the picnic, Hyacinth is seen, sometimes talking to Daddy, but Daddy is not seen until his hand is seen waving to Onslow as he leaves.

Despite his old age, he has been shown to be very spry --- riding bicycles and even skateboarding.


Daddy appears in the following episodes:

Daddy's Accident

Angel Gabriel Blue

Violet's Country Cottage

The Art Exhibition

Hyacinth Is Alarmed

A Riverside Picnic

The Father Christmas Suit

The Christening

The Charity Shop

The Rolls-Royce

The Boy Friend

A Barbecue at Violet's

The Pageant

A Strange Man

Let There Be Light

Problems with Relatives

The Father Christmas Suit

Looking at Properties

Please Mind Your Head

Hyacinth: "I'd Have Daddy at the House Except That ..."[]

  • He brushes up against the walls
  • He slops his cocoa (The Art Exhibition)
  • She has (in her own mind) such a busy rehearsal schedule for The Boy Friend (The Boy Friend)
  • He brings Sheridan out in a rash (The Boy Friend)
  • His dentures are too noisy (The Memoirs Of Hyacinth Bucket)
  • He dribbles a lot
  • He might break Sheridan's old toys.
  • He’s undependable in the bathroom. (The Toy Store)
  • He makes those funny noises. (A Celebrity For The Barbecue)
  • He does so monopolize the bathroom


Daddy wishes to be married, or other women wish to marry him. However, Daisy and Rose forbid it because of his senility.

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