200px-Daddy (Keeping Up Appearances)
Basic Info
Gender Male
Age 78-83
Other Aliases Father
Portrayed by George Webb
Spouse(s) Mrs Walton (Wife)
Romances Mrs Walton
Children Hyacinth Bucket (Daughter)
Daisy (Daughter)
Rose (Daughter)
Violet (Daughter)
Grandchildren Sheridan Bucket (Grandson)
Stephanie (Granddaughter)
Other Relatives Richard Bucket (Son-in-law)
Onslow (Son-in-law)
Bruce (Son-in-law)
Kylie (great-granddaughter)
First Appearance Daddy's Accident
Last Appearance The Pageant

"Daddy" is a fictional character in the British Situation Comedy Keeping Up Appearances and he is Hyacinth, Rose, Daisy and Violet's father. Much is said and observed about Daddy but he is not often seen.

Daddy is mentioned in the very first episode (Daddy's Accident). He is often tangled up in matters that greatly embarrass Hyacinth but amuse Onslow, who refers to Daddy as a "dirty old man." Hyacinth will often try to cover up Daddy's incidents by calling it an act of courage or putting it to a matter of his declining health. Daddy's behaviors are probably because of his senility. He has no speaking roles except in Hyacinth Is Alarmed.

In Season 1, Episode 4 (The Charity Shop) Daddy makes an 87 year old girlfriend.


Daddy's Accident

Violet's Country Cottage

The Art Exhibition

Hyacinth Is Alarmed

A Riverside Picnic

The Boy Friend

A Barbecue at Violet's

The Pageant

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