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Country Retreat
Episode Details
Season 4, Episode 2
Air date 12 September 1993
Written by Roy Clarke
Directed by Harold Snoad
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Hyacinth wants “a little place in the country”; however, her heart is not set on little. An old farmer with a speech impediment causes much difficulty for Hyacinth when out looking at property, and seems to take a liking to her.

Also, Rose decides to write her memoirs.


Elizabeth: (Going over her made-up excuse in order to avoid having coffee with Hyacinth) "I'm so sorry, Hyacinth, but I cannot enjoy coffee with you this morning. I have an appointment with my soliciter". (The phone rings and Liz answers) "Hello? No, no, no! I'm afraid I can't. No, not this morning, I'm soliciting!".

Onslow: (about Rose) "Is she really writing her memoirs?"

Daisy: "Looks like it".

Rose enters.

Rose: "How'd you spell 'virgin'? Is it 'E-R' or 'I-R'?"

Onslow: "Is she going back that far?"