Cooper StreetEdit

In Series 3, Episode 4 ("How To Go On Holiday Without Really Trying"), Rose, reflecting on her lifestyle of different men every week, remarks, "I think I'll go somewhere primitive and be a missionary."  Hearing this, Onslow quips, "Cooper Street".  Daisy asks, "What kind of missionary?"  Rose replies: "Well, I think I'd like to go wherever they most need support, sanitation, and birth control."  Onslow replies in a frustrated tone, "I told you, Cooper Street!"

In Series 3, Episode 6 ("The Art Exhibition", which Netflix calls "The French Lieutenant's Daughter") once again Daddy has come up missing.  Rose tells Daisy and Onslow that she found a note from Daddy saying he'd gone off to join the French Foreign Legion.  Daisy, trying to decide where to look for him first, asks Onslow where one goes to join the Legion.  Onslow replies, "Cooper Street".  Daisy replies, "Not the British Legion.  The French Foreign Legion."