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Basic Info
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Accountant, Actor (The Pageant)
Spouse(s) Violet
Romances Violet
Children Several un-named
Nieces and Nephews Sheridan (Nephew)
Stephanie (Niece)
Other Relatives Mrs Walton (Mother-In-Law)
Daddy (Father-In-Law)
Daisy (Sister-In-Law)
Rose (Sister-In-Law)
Hyacinth Bucket (Sister-In-Law)
Onslow (Brother-in-law)
Kylie (great-niece)
First Appearance Skis
Last Appearance The Pageant

Bruce is married to Violet, Hyacinth's sister. Bruce appears to be fond of horse-racing. His glassware is engraved with the names of injured jockeys. As described in the episode "Violet's Country Cottage", Bruce's glassware is engraved with naked ladies. Neither Bruce nor Violet are seen in that episode. In one instance when Hyacinth mentions that Violet is on the telephone, she describes Violet as "the one who married the turf accountant."

It is mentioned multiple times that Bruce is a cross-dresser. He likes to borrow his wife's clothes. In the episode "The Candlelight Supper" Violet asks Hyacinth by phone if she has a girdle that might fit Bruce and says that Bruce insists on calling him "Brenda". When Hyacinth suggests it is time that Violet should begin to "wear the trousers", she answers it is all what's left in her closet - because Bruce took all her dresses. Hyacinth is ashamed of Bruce's cross-dressing habits and tries to hide it in front of the neighbours.

Bruce is argumentative and loud.

He is typically seen with or near Violet.

In the episode, Driving Mrs Fortescue, after hearing Bruce's plans on playing Maid Marian, Richard asks Hyacinth if Bruce is still taking his medication for his strange behaviour. We also see Bruce dressed up as Maid Marian, tanking at a gas station. Though he waves and his face is visible, he does not speak, and Violet is not seen.

In the episode, The Pageant, Bruce mentions that he and Violet have several unnamed children when Violet threatens to leave him ("You can't leave me! Oh come back to me Violet! Think of the scandal! The children! The alimony!") He is portrayed by John Evitts.

Bruce is mentioned in the series, but not often seen.

Bruce and Violet both made earlier appearances before season 5, but they were only seen from a distance then.

Driving Mrs. Fortescue (minor appearance)

The Toy Store (minor appearance)


A Barbecue at Violet's

The Pageant

The Christening (minor appearance)

In "A Riverside Picnic" Bruce is in bad shape and Onslow drives Violet in the top of the range Mercedes. Bruce is not seen in that episode.

In "Skis" Violet pours water on Bruce, who is only seen briefly yelling at her after she has done so.

In "A Barbecue at Violet's" he is seen briefly while in a conflict with his wife Violet.