A Picnic For Daddy
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date 3 November 1991
Written by Roy Clarke
Directed by Harold Snoad
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The Three-Piece Suite
The Father Christmas Suit
Hyacinth arranges a picnic for Daddy, but things go awry when the senile old man decides to test drive the Buckets' car, resulting in a car chase between him and the rest of Hyacinth's family


  • It appears, while Daisy is digging through the furniture, that they have indeed received and installed the three-piece suite that Hyacinth offered (The Three-Piece Suite, one episode earlier).  The furniture is different (though still badly covered) from earlier episodes, though here we see only two pieces.  Onslow still sits in his usual chair in front of the telly.  Later in Early Retirement, we find out that Onslow got a good offer on the suite and sold it.