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A Picnic For Daddy
Episode Details
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date 3 November 1991
Written by Roy Clarke
Directed by Harold Snoad
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The Three-Piece Suite
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Episode Summary[]

Hyacinth is in bed with Richard preoccupied due to a neighbour recently been burgled. The subject soon shifts over to Sheridan briefly, then Daddy. Concerned about not spending enough time with Daddy, Hyacinth decides to arrange a picnic for him.

The next morning, Hyacinth speaks to Rose on the phone, inviting Daddy on the picnic. Hyacinth is given the false impression that Rose is dating a wealthy businessman, named Mr Butterfield, of course much to Hyacinth's excitement.

Hyacinth gathers glassware and food for the picnic while the phone rings. It is Sheridan. Sheridan is looking for a relatively large amount of money for silk pajamas. Later, Hyacinth insists that Richard buys petrol at the Butterfield petrol station, as an effort to better acquaint herself with the family.

Hyacinth and Daisy prepare a slow-moving Daddy to attend the picnic. Hyacinth comes across Rose on the phone verbally insulting Mr Butterfield. Fearful of the potential loss of a high-class person in her social circle, a horrified Hyacinth jumps in and attempts to smooth over the conversation. Hyacinth soon learns that she has mistaken the actual Butterfield learning that Rose's boyfriend is actually low class and merely shares the same surname. Hyacinth quickly reneges on her position and hangs up the phone. Unbeknownst to Hyacinth, the senile Daddy gets into Richard's car and speeds off down the road, driving in an out of control fashion.

Onslow, Daisy, Richard, Hyacinth, and Rose get into Onslow's car and chase after him. Both travel at an alarming rate of speed while running through red traffic signals, taking tight turns, and driving through puddles. Eventually Onslow's car breaks down and they must come to a stop.

The Vicar and his wife are driving along and apprehensively decide to stop to assist. All get in to Vicar's car and they drive to pick up home materials from Onslow's relative. Onslow piles the materials high onto Vicar's car and this attracts the attention of a policeman, who subsequently pulls them over.


  • It appears, while Daisy is digging through the furniture, that they have indeed received and installed the three-piece suite that Hyacinth offered (The Three-Piece Suite, one episode earlier). The furniture is different (though still badly covered) from earlier episodes, though here we see only two pieces. Onslow still sits in his usual chair in front of the telly.  Later in Early Retirement, we find out that Onslow got a good offer on the suite and sold it.