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A Barbecue At Violet's
Episode Details
Season 5, Episode 8
Air date 22 October 1995
Written by Roy Clarke
Directed by Harold Snoad
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When Bruce and Violet's constant arguing threatens to put a damper on Hyacinth's luxury outdoor barbecue, she must resort to desperate musical measures to keep her family scandals from public exposure.

Sing for Your Supper[]

Hycainth devises a party game to cover the noise of the quarreling: "Welcome to our barbecue, with the unique sing-for-your-supper speciality."  Elizabeth asks, "How does the singing side of the evening work?"  Hyacinth replies, "Oh, it's a party game based on an idea originally conceived by Henry VIII for his banquets."

Songs they sing:


  • This episode marks the only time Richard ever stands up to Hyacinth.
  • The guy in the phone box who insults Hyacinth is played by Jack Smethurst who is perhaps best known for his role as Eddie Booth in the popular but controversial Seventies sitcom Love Thy Neighbour.


Hyacinth: You obviously overuse the public system. I very rarely use it as I possess a white slim line telephone with automatic redial.

Man in phone box: With a voice like yours I'm surprised you even need a telephone.

Hyacinth resumes pounding on the side of the phone box.

Hyacinth: Richard, come and help me!

Richard: Hyacinth, stop that at once and (in a raised voice) GET INTO THE CAR!

Shocked, Hyacinth stops pounding and walks back to the car without saying another word.

Man in phone box: Well done, sir. In wartime, you'd have got a medal for courage like that.